Are you a 501c3?
Yes, we have 501c3 status through our fiscal sponsor, NEO Philanthropy. This means every donation made to the Fund is tax deductible. As an organization, we are completely independent of the University administration.

Where does this money come from?
Our donations come from Columbia alumni, parents, faculty, and other supporters. We also apply for grants from foundations to supplement the individual donations we receive.

Where does it go?
We grant the funds we receive to students and student groups who submit applications to support their projects. Currently, there is substantial interest in developing community-specific consent education programs (for a particular graduate school or student group, for example) and bystander intervention training, as well as online educational tools. However, we will consider any project that aims to make Columbia’s campus more supportive of survivors and creates a safer environment for all. We accept applications for projects that work on preventing violence, supporting survivors, educating the public, or working towards meaningful policy and cultural changes.

Who decides where the money goes and how?
Our board of directors, which is composed of alumni, current students, and faculty who have relevant experience and insight into sexual violence prevention and response, votes on grant applications we receive. We have a set of funding priorities that we use to guide our decisions. We also consider the potential impact, level of need, and innovativeness of the grant applications we receive.

We will prioritize grant applications that tackle sexual violence as it relates to other systems of oppression like racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, etc.

Will you update me on the projects my donation funds?

Yes! We would love to let you know how these projects are developing and the impact they have. We will email our donors with periodic updates unless you choose to opt out of them. We will also release an annual report to all donors, which will lay out how we have allocated funding and provide detailed information on the projects that received grants.

Who is on the board?

The Fund is overseen by an Advisory Board, which is comprised of current students, alumni, and faculty members dedicated to a safer Columbia. Each member serves a two-year term and new members are accepted through an application process. To ensure that the Board meaningfully and accurately works to support all those impacted by sexual violence and include communities that have experienced marginalization and exclusion, the Board will include representatives who are survivors of sexual violence, identify as LGBTQ, and people of color at all times.